FTV Nite Club is the embodiment of luxury, leisure, and glamour infused in the premium night club
experience. Following are some of the distinct features of FTV Nite Club that allow
us to produce one of a kind experience to our customers.


Funky & Upbeat Ambience

FTV Nite Clubs are known for their lavish, upbeat and elegant ambience that gives you a luxurious yet exhilarating experience.


Groovy Upbeat Music

FTV Nite Clubs is an ideal destination where people could groove and enjoy live music from well known artists.



The jaw dropping interiors of FTV Nite Club takes you to the world of aesthetic designs and beauty. Once you step into FTV Nite Club, you cannot resist clicking pictures and flaunting them on Instagram.


Delicious food and Exotic Beverage Services

At FTV Nite Club, you get to savour exotics delicacies and beverages from around the world. FTV Nite Club has something for every palate, so you will always have a long list of sumptuous options to choose from.


An Experience worth every penny

The whole thought behind FTV Nite Club is to give people around the world the taste of FTV’s brand value and our premium luxurious experience that is worth every penny.


Exhilarating Ambience

The dazzling and spectacular ambience of the FTV Nite Club allows people to unwind and go wild, making it a perfect party destination.