Kashiff Khan

Managing Director, FashionTV.

Kashiff Khan is an esteemed name in the world of Brand Business Development in India. Mr. Kashiff is also recognised as an author, writer, and start-up specialist for businesses.
With knowledge and experience in making successful companies and hence nurturing more than 40 brands including personal brands, celebrity partnerships, and exclusive representation of worldwide international iconic brands in India, Mr. Kashiff is a brand business development force to reckon with.


He comes with an ocean of experience in OTT/broadcast and a large gamut of various business ventures.Bringing in new concepts to the business world, ranging from
wellness, beauty, fitness, F&B, fashion retail, print, and channel broadcast syndication to communication, ITES, and many more in the domain of worldwide operation and its
working exposure.

He has also introducedvarious verticals such as


Kashiff has excelled in the franchise business and also extended it beyond occupations.


Kashiff has also created a commendable scope in retail and e-retail stores by entering
into the licensing sector.


He has brought in media recognition from all over the world and created a presence worldwide, while excelling in this field too.


A successful tie-up with the leading broadcasting companies such as JioFiber, v5, and Hotstar has proved Kashiff's superiority in the world of business.


He has created more reach into the events business and established a whole new
standard of business.


Kashiff has always encouraged new business strategies/concepts and guided new
start-ups through his experience.


Before venturing on his exciting journey of entrepreneurship, Kashiff gained his ground-level experience working in an Indian MNC SFA, the makers of world renowned paper and board products Nightingale brand. He started off as a mere export sales executive at SFA and gradually rose to become the Director on board of the same company. The journey that took off as a sales executive is now in a phase of serial entrepreneurship.

Kashiff's always on the lookout for the next BIG THING, he has turned into a Venture Capitalist and has partnered with many start-ups. By not keeping his growth personal or limited, he is nurturing and guiding each start-up with his rich global experience of business management, growth, sharp operation acumen, and raising funds for mutual benefit.

Kashiff has taken up the mammoth challenge to make FTV the leading business brand expanding across India, APAC and on a Global level. Giving it global recognition and setting a bar for the upcoming business tycoons, Kashiff has captivated the business arena by just being the astonishing personality he is. For him, growth has no limits. Today, people look up to him and aspire to get somewhere around where he is. Kashiff has outreached all the opportunities paving his way through the business.

Keenly aware of the potential and reach of FTV in India, the brand
is introducing various luxurious FTV businesses in the world’s second
most populated country.